Monday, January 2, 2017

Goals for the future...

Commitments I'd like to make this year...
1. Trying to commit to using less plastic this year. I'm using the reusable grocery bags. The hardest part is to remember to take them out of the car when we get to the store, but I love how sturdy they are! I bought some hard plastic reusable straws; the Pioneer Woman brand at Walmart, and have found them easy to wash and reuse. Stopped using saran wrap, and am rewashing and reusing plastic ziploc bags whenever possible. Using aluminum foil and wash when possible to get more than one use out of it. Also washing and reusing the plastic spoons and forks. Great for using with the kitty's canned cat food.
2. Stop using styofoam. I've been taking a pretty cloth bag with some reusable take-home containers. The ones from China King work great for this! Then I can put them on a regular plate to use in the microwave at home. I HATE styrofoam. Once again, the hard part is remembering to take them with me.
3. Recycle cardboard, tin and aluminum cans and paperboard. Can't believe how much less goes into the herby. Amazed at how many food boxes etc..collect. Wish our town recycled glass!
4. Continue to recycle plastic.... and trying to avoid the ones that don't recycle. This is a hard one to do, as so many things come in plastic that doesn't recycle, but I'm trying.
5. Buy less and collect less. I also want to buy US Made when possible.
6. Get my home more organized. This helps when I am sick, as it makes it easier to clean.
7. Continue to try to improve my health. And not beat myself up when I am sick and cannot do the things I want or need to do.
8. Concentrate and focus more on what is good in this life and avoid the negativity and strife that surrounds us. Enjoy the blessings that God has given and make the most of the good days! Focus more on the ways of God and not on the ways of the world.
9. Try not to get sucked up into the idea that everything has to be perfect and be done perfectly. Pretty good is good enough for me! Not to be influenced by the constant advertising and opinions that everything has to be the newest or latest fashion, fad or trend. Going to continue to like what I like. And doing something pretty good is better than not doing it at all. Too much perfectionism is crippling...
10. Scrutinize every medicine with extreme caution. Recheck every med with WebMd interaction checker or heart doc. Be conservative with medical treatment and medications and always be cautious and careful. Less is more. Only take what is necessary.
 11. Make myself an organization chart to help me remember the things I need to do, when i am up to doing it, which includes daily, weekly and monthly needs. I hate the word "chore"! Would like to do this, but not sure when I'll actually get to it.
Anyway, this is some of my Goals or commitments I'd like to make this year. Not making any resolutions, because those don't last. Plus, giving myself permission to not do them when I am not feeling well or having bad days.
What kinds of goals or commitments do you want to make?

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Cats Love Christmas Too!

Here are some pics of my kitties enjoying the Christmas season.

Miley and Ralphie enjoying some television.

Ralphie saying "Don't I look like the cat on the screen?"

Leo saying " I am Supercat". 

Miley hanging out under the tree.

P.J. and Ralphie worn out after opening and playing with their Christmas toys.

Miley enjoying the Christmas shows.

Cats chilling in the living room, and Smokey walking in from the hallway.

Another pic of Smokey...    Hoping everyone's holiday was purrrfect!

O' Christmas Tree

Here's a few pics of my little tree that I had up for Christmas.  You can see it has some kitty ornaments on it; of course!

I'm hopeful that this is going to be a better year.   Have had some days that have been better, so taking full advantage of them.  Still have a lot of cleaning to catch up on in the house, but have to take breaks to do other things when I'm able.  I think it is going to take a long time for my stomach to get much better, and it will probably never be like it used to be.  There is a lot of things I can't eat anymore,but thankful it is getting better, even if it is slow.  And the Meniere's hasn't acted up too bad the past day or two, so thankful for that also.  The cold fronts and storm fronts really flare it up badly.  Hard to believe that all of that happened with my stomach, because of a medicine that was prescribed to me.  It reacted with another medicine that I was on, and the pharmacist didn't catch when it was prescribed either.  So I am trying to be really careful.  I found this medicine interaction checker on WebMd, and it is so helpful!  Web Md Medicine Interaction Checker  Since checking my meds, there are a couple that I was taking that I have had to stop.  So please be careful, and double-check things for yourself.  Saying prayers that this will be a wonderful year!!!
Although, I was sick on Christmas day, Thankfully I felt pretty good on Christmas Eve when I spent the day with my family, so I got to enjoy my holiday with them!  Loved seeing my family, and the kids liked  the gifts I got them.  I got them a lot of Star Wars themed gifts, as they are really into Star Wars.  And Momma's cooking was wonderful, as always!  And my Daddy and sister had me laughing quite a bit!  It was an awesome day!!!  :)  So Phil and I (and the kitties)  had a good Christmas after all!

Got a Christmas card made:

Finally got a chance to make a card and color a little.
Hope you like it!
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Thursday, December 29, 2016

New card...

Made a card for my mother's birthday.  Used an image from Bugaboo Stamps.  Just taking things a day at a time.  Felt alright for Christmas Eve with my family, so I was thankful for that!  It's just been up and down, but struggling with the Meniere's, syncope and stomach issues.  Thank you so much for the prayers!!!  I take advantage of any day that doesn't totally incapacitate me, even if it's just for a short while!

Got to use one of the kitties from FitKitty!  It even has a cat hair on it!  How did that happen?  lol...

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

First card in a long time....

This is the first card I've made in a long time.  Been sick where meds had burnt my stomach, and I have had GERD and acid reflux for some time.  Was doing better, then had a setback last weekend, and am just starting to feel a little better again.  It actually let me sleep for more than 4 hours in a row last night; I was thrilled!!! Thank you to Fit Kitty and those who have prayed for me!
So here is my card.  Had to make one for my Daddy's upcoming birthday, as that is special to me, and I want him to know it is.

I was just so happy, as I haven't been able to do anything for such a long time.   Was fun to play in my craft room.  *It needs cleaning and organized so badly!